The Story Behind COM Fabric

Update from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission 5-2022

If the upholstered furniture being reupholstered is not being sold into the stream of commerce, but is intended only for personal use, than the flammability requirements do not apply.
This is what we have to contend with. In short if you are the owner of a piece of furniture and have it reupholstered and then returned to you this new law DOES NOT APPLY.

NOTICE: As of January 1st of this year 2022 a new regulation has come into effect. All fabrics that are used in upholstery or re upholstery must now pass CA-117 codes. What does this mean to you. If you wish to use C.O.M. we will need written proof that the particular fabric pattern you are using passed this code so we can put it on file. This information should be available through your place of purchase.

In the re-upholstery business there are two ways to purchase the fabric for your project.  You can buy it from us or buy it elsewhere such as online sources or fabric shops and then bring it to us. The later is called C.O.M. I would like to explain the difference so as to better educate our customers. In my trade, and others, C.O.M. stands for Customer Own Material.

When you buy from us you are buying from a Master upholsterer who has years of experience with fabrics. We know which fabric will wear well, how it will clean and even how it would look on a given piece, even how fabrics are handled matters. Rolled properly or bunched up and thrown in a box. Some creases wont come out of certain fabrics. This experience is very helpful to the end customer, especially if they are not experienced in textiles.

We source our fabric from known high quality suppliers so you know you are not getting rejects, 3rd or 4th runs or counterfeit fabrics. In addition we will normally adhere to any estimated amount of fabric we sell you and if we run short or there is some unforeseen issue we will work with the vendor and handle the situation.

When you select your own fabric and purchase from a third party, better known as C.O.M. (customer own material)  you are basically accepting full responsibility for the amount of fabric as well as its performance. We cannot be held responsible for any issues that arise with C.O.M. fabric. Colors, amount of pieces in the order, dye lots, yardage is all the responsibility of the customer. We try very hard to estimate yardage as close as possible but sometimes fall short. If it is C.O.M. fabric the customer is then responsible to obtain more yardage. This can be a challenge. One issue is the store or vendor is out of stock, another is the dye lot won’t match. One other issue is you never know who you are dealing with on the Internet.

While most sales go off without a hitch, there can be pitfalls and nightmares.

Our Upholstery shop will accept C.O.M. work so the choice is up to our customer. One has to ask themselves – Do you value the experience of the shop? Is price the only consideration or is quality a main concern. Peace of mind goes a long way and the choice remains with our customers.

So I hope this helps you when making the selection between C.O.M. and shop supplied fabric.

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