COM stands for Customer’s Own Material.      This does not effect Interior Design Trade Partners

* Affective January first 2023. Minichillo’s Upholstery will no longer accept C.O.M. Fabrics. We have had our fair share of low quality and troublesome Customer supplied fabrics and have decided to stop accepting anything other than fabrics our shop sells and has control over. I’m not going to get into all the issues this has caused.

  There are many places to buy fabric. Some good, some not so good, some questionable, some just plain bad. Through the years I have run into many issues with using C.O.M. One being a misunderstanding of the Upholstery business. I will explain and if you understand wonderful. If not let me at least explain that it is not a way to “rip you off”. When a re upholstery project is done we do this for exchange of money for our services. Our services consist of labor and fabric sales. Labor consists of making the piece or pieces ready to reupholster. Teardown, repairs to frames, repairs to woodwork, touch up, etc. Then cutting, sewing and installing the fabric. We have two forms of money exchange here. Labor + fabric = the cost to reupholster a piece. If one is removed from the equation like the fabric profit then we are left with a labor cost only. This does not allow us to make a living. So some shops will charge a “cutting fee” to C.O.M.s from $20.00 to $40.00 per yard. I don’t like this way.



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