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Bike seats
The process
RV Upholstery

Some examples of Motorcycle Seats.
Designed by me or you.

Please click on an image to see it full size.

A seat that the
 customer just wanted firmer fill. He said it felt squashy.

So new 75 grade foam replaced the original.
Also a small amount of foam was removed from the thigh area to make it a bit more comfortable.

These are all after the new foam and new cover.

Nice ride.
Customer came with drawings of what he wanted sewn into the vinyl.


Quality of image doesn't do it justice. But it came out nicely.

If you live out of state and wish to ship your seat to me I ask that you call to discuss this so I know what you want. If any special design is needed a drawing (rough idea at least) should be included with the seat along with material choices like leather or vinyl.

If a stitching design is designated I will draw on the material and send you a picture of it for your OK before proceeding. All custom work is non refundable.

You won't be disappointed with the work. Only high quality materials are used along with high quality glues and fasteners.

Send name, address, any special instructions and payment in the same box as the seat. I will give an estimate when we discuss on the phone. A final bill if more or less will be satisfied before the seat is returned to you. I ship UPS insured for the amount of my bill at least.

I hope to work with you soon. I love doing bike seats. They are really appreciated by their owners.

Paul M. Minichillo 352-200-7190


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